Let’s do this…

Hi. My name is @nakul, and I am a venture capitalist at Lightspeed Venture Partners. I am based in San Francisco, where I live with my awesome wife @kunjan_chabra, the home decor blogger behind An Affair With Color.

I’ve been a VC pretty much throughout my career. I started my investing career in India in 2006. Five years ago, I moved to the bay area with Battery Ventures (I initially joined Battery in India) and have focused primarily on enterprise software investing since. Recently, I joined Lightspeed (www.lsvp.com) to help build out the firm’s SaaS practice.

I have wanted to start blogging for a while. I am aware that the tech world doesn’t really need another VC blog. There are already a lot of great blogs out there with a lot of great content on entrepreneurship and trends in technology. But I haven’t seen many that are dedicated to enterprise software, and that’s the gap I hope to fill. I would like for this blog to be the place where I can offer my take as an investor on macro and micro trends I see playing out in the enterprise software market, and the myriad opportunities those trends are creating. And I hope that over time, others in the SaaS ecosystem will chime in with their thoughts on these topics too.

From my side, I’ll try to keep the writing crisp, and my thoughts precise. I will also strive to provide an authentic voice to how I, as an investor, look at the SaaS world. There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on in enterprise software these days. Big data, mobility, freemium pricing models are all disruptive forces that are changing the way software is used within enterprises. I’m excited to get this blog started and have a conversation about some of these forces.

Alrighty! Let’s do this now…

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